de limin trini 
"limin" (pronounced "lymin")-to casually 'hang out' in a stress free, fun environment.
'de limin trini' originated from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and has been created for everyone : every creed, every race. From the young and hip to the old and refined. Or maybe the young and refined to the old and hip? Well whoever you are,'de limin trini'can help you express your unique quality: fun, independent, exploring, caring or maybe just supporting. It's all about the attitude!
 Picture this scene: (slip on some flip- flops first, it helps with your realistic imagination,) O.K. so you're in your fashionable flip- flops basking in the sand, sea and sun surrounded by the sweet rhythms of Calypso and Steelpan or maybe some Tassa and Chutney. The cool island breeze brushing against your face. You have a bake and shark in one hand and a tall cool drink in the other. Oh yeah, that's the life.
Yep, that limin scene is a hard one to beat. So if you can't be there in person 'de limin trini' can get you there with a little imagination and cool accessories.
Take a look at this limin spot, you're guaranteed to find something to satisfy whatever you're looking for. Maybe it's as simple as to pep up your day, or as complicated  as sending a message  to the world or even 
 as fun for those very special people in your life. 
'de limin trini' is here to save the day. Yippee!!!
Don't wait! Get your lime on today! Take a peek, you never know. This search may be all you're looking for.
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'de limin trini' was also created for those who are away from their Caribbean home. Even though this limin spot has a Trinidad flavor, all the Caribbean islands have a similar type lifestyle with individual unique twists but we all share the common ground of limin and being good neighbors to everyone who come our way. No matter what island, we are  proud, harmonious people with a culture that we share, cherish and protect with great passion.
'de limin trini' is direct access to a constant reminder of who you are and where you came from. It is to help ease the pain somewhat of what you miss: your dialect, familiar places, food, family and friends and good limes of course!!
(Nostalgic moments in time that will live on forever.) It is an opportunity to proudly display the great unique culture you were born into and privileged to pay it forward hoping it will become infectious and give everyone the opportunity to have a true limin experience at least once in their lifetime.
 You are affected by what is around you. Why not express yourself de limin trini way: POSITIVE and so FUN!!
So everyone join in, forget your troubles for now, celebrate with your family and friends as 'de limin trini' hereby declares:
                   lime time!!!...
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